Museum Buildings

We have lots to see inside both Museum buildings...

  • Handle various World War 2 rifles and machine guns
  • Total revamp of both Museum buildings with new displays and items of interest
  • An impressive model of how the site looked in 1940
  • WW1 displays
  • A.R.P and Home Front displays - discover what it was like to live during WW2
  • Thank you to Albert Greenland for the many model aircraft adorning the ceiling of the museum.

Find out more about the Home Front with our 1940s display where you can see - 

  • What a weeks' ration looked like
  • Clothing coupons
  • Ration books
  • Morrison Shelter
  • Our resident "Tankie" 

Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop has a varied and constantly updated stock of items of interest including a large selection of genuine and repro WW2 memorabilia, a range of Airfix WW2 kits, Sluban building kits and many pocket money items such as badges, key rings, souvenirs, the all important visitor guide and much more.  Why not spend a bit and keep the Battery going... We are now able to accept card payments.

Air Forces & Navy Room

Inside the Air Forces and Navy room you will find a dedicated RAF and Battle of Britain display, complete with sound effects of an aerial fighter battle for added atmosphere.  There is also a Royal Navy display plus other items of interest.

  • Dedicated RAF and Luftwaffe displays
  • Royal Navy display
  • RAF and Luftwaffe ephemera

Outside Museum Area

We have a lot more to see around our main Museum site... including a genuine WW2 Anderson Shelter and our recently restored Twin Bofors Gun for you to explore.

Area accessibility

Please note that some areas of the grounds and buildings are not suitable for all visitors. In places the paths are steep and there are steps leading to some areas. So the full site may not be suitable for all...

We are happy for wheelchairs and Mobilty Scooters around the site, but please be aware some areas are not suitable and you may have difficulty.  Please contact us for futher details and help. The Museum buildings are wheelchair accessable with a drop-off zone outside.  While there is no parking on site, there is parking within easy walking distance.

Explore the grounds...

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