Para Normal Nights

We recently have had visits from a group called -Awakened Spirits.- who have spent very late nights-early mornings  in some of our Battery Buildings 

Acompanyed by two of our members (Rod and Karyn )

We have had a lot of interest in there findings , so below is a report on there recent visits .  which includes short video sounds and a photos....

.....we will leave you to come to your own conclusions   ....

Awakened Spirits have been fortunate enough to have investigated Brixham Battery Heritage Centre on two occasions and each time we have experienced a number of unexplained occurrences, the feeling of being physically touched and clothing being tugged, the sounds of scurrying footsteps and voices have been heard in the ammunitions tunnel and guning emplacement, a shadow moving swiftly was also witnessed, again in the ammunitions tunnel during the investigation, sudden temperature changes, emotional and physical pain were also experienced by the team.

 A bright oblong light anomaly was caught on video moving from one room through the doorway to the next room, this was while the team were having a break and the infrared camera left running, the room was in total darkness with no light pollution.    

 An analyst of the audio after the investigation also caught a tapping sound from an empty room and a disembodied voice in response to one of the team asking can you do something to make us scream, it is a little unclear what is actually being said but it's definitely a male voice in response.         

 As a group we use both Psychic methods and the latest Technology during investigations, with members picking up on names and events which were later confirmed by the battery staff, equipment has also reacted with high EMF spikes being recorded in response to  communication.                

 An amazing place to investigate and we look forward to our next visit.



Tapping heard ..

a tapping sound from an empty room


a disembodied voice in response to one of the team asking can you do something to make us scream,