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Website 2. Aug, 2018

Anna Ryder

Dear Brenda,

It’s great to be able to visit your website, this is really exciting. I will be visiting you again soon.

Thank you,

Best regards,

15. Mar, 2018


email from Furzeham School, March 2018

Dear Brenda,

We would like to sincerely thank you and all the other volunteers who took the time to show us around Brixham Battery and share all your knowledge. I know the children found it fascinating and I'm sure they will be visiting you again soon. They came away with
a fountain of facts which they will be using in some WWII writing this week. It's my fifth time to The Battery and I'm still learning things! Hope to see you next year.

Thanks again, kindest regards,


9. Aug, 2017

James Dobson

James Flatout Dobson

· 4 August 2017

I came down with the family we all had a fantastic time

There's loads to see and the people who volunteer do a fantastic job with the talks

Loved the walk through the garden to see the rest of the builds

The model of the site is fantastic

I would recommend this if your in to your history

Website 21. Jul, 2017

G Smith

. I had a great tour on Sunday last. They opened up the tunnel and crew rest rooms. I was there for about two hours. Great displays and plenty of background.Thanks again

Geoffrey Smith

2. May, 2017


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Website 26. Sep, 2016


Really nice site :)

Website 5. Sep, 2016

Carole Hart

Barbara Geary Truly Amazing experience. It bought me to tears being under there, experiencing the things my mum & other relatives went through in Essex during the war, and told us about when we were young (dad was away).. It REALLY was brilliant.. Tony
gave a really interesting and informative talk.... if ONLY you could KEEP it !!!!!

Website 5. Sep, 2016

Carole Hart

Donna Evans Loved it...I saw quite a few in the group with a tear in their eye through the experience.. Many remembering loved ones, many just in awe of those that went through this daily... Great exhibit. Well done. Tony was a credit.

Website 5. Sep, 2016

Carole Hart

I think we can be very Proud of this Display....A few comments .please read,,

Being escorted down to the air raid shelter by the female ARP Warden at Lupton House Brixham. My face must say it all. This was the best air raid experience so realistic. The recording was of a real air raid on the East End of London to think these people went
through this for about 76 consecutive nights for upto 6 hours at a time. I also learnt that the ARP wardens did not take shelter in they stood out on the streets in doorways. Brave people and to think they have never been awarded a medal or had a memorial
dedicated to them. Elizabeth Norris

Vintage Vocalist - Samantha Montini A truly fantastic experience! Bringing the reality of 40s wartime to life. Very impressive and informative - hats off to all involved x

Timothy Sloper Excellent experience, informative , moving and thought provoking, glad to be an impromptu part of it ! :-)

4. May, 2016

Sparks Beattie

On Tuesday, 3 May 2016,

Hello Brenda and your team at the Battery Gardens,

Please give our warmest thanks to our tour guides and all of your volunteers who made our visit so very enjoyable and informative. We all found it absolutely fascinating, and really appreciated very much your staying open longer so that we could have a look
at the museum. I heard so many comments from everyone afterwards about how much they had learned, even 'though a number of them walk through the gardens frequently, and how much they valued the visit.

I must apologise for our late arrival; we had taken a trip on the Vigilance during the morning and docked half an hour later than planned! This upset all of the fine timings I had organised, as I had thought we would arrive early enough to view the museum before
the tour. Thanks to your kindness, we were still able to see everything.

Thank you,

Best regards,

Sparks Beattie, Westerly Owners Association

26. May, 2015

Clint Brook

An absolutely amazing day out for all ages. I cannot wait to become a volunteer.