Museum And Education Room

We have lots to see inside

Where you can 

  • Handle a  WW11 Rifle 
  • Try your hand at Morse code

Find out more About -

the Home Front with our 1940s Area

 See what-

  • A Weeks Rations Looked like
  • Clothing Coupons
  • Ration Books

Plus much more 


You may be a little surprised how much there is to see

Outside Museum Area

We have more to see around our Main Museum and Education Building  


Area accessibility

Please note that some areas of the grounds and buildings are not suitable for all visitors. In places the paths are steep and their are steps leading to some areas. So the full site may not be suitable for all....We are happy for wheelchairs and Mobilty Scooters around the site ,but please be aware some areas are not suitable and you may have differculty. Please contact us for futher details and help. The Museum itself is a flat area ,with a drop off zone . but no parking. 

The Grounds

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