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No.1 and No.2 4.7 inch Gun Floors

  • Entrance No 1 Gun Floor

  • No 1 Gun Floor

  • No 2 Gun Floor

  • War shelter

    Where the gun crews stay when on duty.

  • Ammunition tunnel

    Ammunition was taken through the tunnels from the store to the guns.

  • War shelter & gun floor

    War shelter and No. 2 gun floor, the tunnel leads from here to the ammunition store.

Ammunition tunnel




Pill box

Battery Observation Post (B.O.P)




  • ATS Hut back in 1995...

  • ATS Hut back in 1995...

  • Education room

    Located right next to the ATS hut is our Education room. This hosts a number of displays, currently featuring RAF and WW1 displays. It also hosts visiting displays at our open days.