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28. Jan, 2018

During our re vamp we have made a new office area , which as allowed us to make our shop area larger ...all proceeds go straight to the Battery .so next time your visiting us dont forget to take a look.

28. Jan, 2018

We are proud to announce our new roof is now fully complete .This as been made possible by the two grants made to us from the Brixham co-op fund and to the generosity of the local people of Brixham who have supported us through the co-op funding .

January saw the museum closed for a full month ,while our wonderful volunteers worked well over forty hours a week for two weeks to prepare the museum by clearing many items and then covering and protecting displays During the work scaffolding towers were hired . and our volunteers did most of the assembly, before our hired in roofers (Kevin and Steve )came and spent a full week with us, completely insulating and plaster boarding the whole of our museum roof .Needless to say the two guys did a great job and worked hard to get it all finished for us. The remaining two weeks have been spent is making a new desk area , which as allowed us to expand our shop by adding a new counter and new shelving. The front area of our new floor was also repainted, All the inside of our main museum has been cleaned, checked over and thanks to the guys hard work is now complete. I cannot stress enough how grateful we are to our volunteers who have helped .it has been hard work with long hours .so THANK YOU to our devoted team..(names in no order ,they all worked ) Rod, Neil,Mick ,Phil,Tony and Barry .Thanks also to Shane who managed to come and help us with putting everything back and did a grand job of the cleaning.., The museum is now all bright and fully cleaned and ready for our opening again on Friday 2nd of February

17. Oct, 2017

October 2017 saw a few of the group going off to Bovington Tank Museum for the day .They used their own cars so managed a very early start to get there as soon as it opened .. The museum had a model show on ,which the guys were really interested in ,I understand a few items were bought. A good day was had by all 

Once again we have our problem with people wanting to vandalize the buildings ect around the battery site . for the second time in a few weeks we also have squatters that have taken over one of our buildings. you could feel sorry for them but for the complete disgusting mess they not only live in but leave behind them. 
A few of the group went to checkout the latest and found bags of rubbish,bedding, takeaway cartons, beer cans, broken bottles and needles lying around the area and of course a area which is being used as their 'toilet' ,, we have to wait on the council to sort it, but its left to us and the council workers to clear the mess after wards 

29. Jul, 2017
English Riviera Magazine

We have a nice write up on page 44, if you want to have a read ?