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17. Oct, 2017

October 2017 saw a few of the group going off to Bovington Tank Museum for the day .They used their own cars so managed a very early start to get there as soon as it opened .. The museum had a model show on ,which the guys were really interested in ,I understand a few items were bought. A good day was had by all 

Once again we have our problem with people wanting to vandalize the buildings ect around the battery site . for the second time in a few weeks we also have squatters that have taken over one of our buildings. you could feel sorry for them but for the complete disgusting mess they not only live in but leave behind them. 
A few of the group went to checkout the latest and found bags of rubbish,bedding, takeaway cartons, beer cans, broken bottles and needles lying around the area and of course a area which is being used as their 'toilet' ,, we have to wait on the council to sort it, but its left to us and the council workers to clear the mess after wards 

29. Jul, 2017
English Riviera Magazine

We have a nice write up on page 44, if you want to have a read ?

23. Jul, 2017
To day was a interesting afternoon for us. A bag of assorted shells were dropped off at the battery, Having been trawled up from the sea bed... Rod checked them just to make sure they were used/safe but found at least two of the small cases,were live ... so it was decided that the public should be asked to leave and the police were informed. very promptly the police arrived and after doing checks etc forwarded photos and details to the RN bomb disposal unit . we were then informed that the unit were on there way and all members were to leave the museum and it was secured with a police presence the whole time.
Rod Neil and Brenda stayed nearby in the Holiday camp to await the Bomb disposal team , The other members all wanted to stay ,but it was decided that it was best that they left. As soon as the unit did arrived , they confirmed the small shells were and needed to be disposed of. to which they took all the shells to nearby churston cove to be safely blown up... The larger shells they took back to Plymouth to be disposed of..Everyone acted very responsibly and all ended happily . so thanks to everyone at the museum today and to the police and the RN BD unit
13. Jun, 2017

This month was busy for us , Barrie and Neil went along to the Brixham cricket club ,where they picked up a cheque from the rotary club. this is our second year they have kindly given us a dontaion .

The first few weeks have been spent getting everything sorted for the weekend event . it wasnt just a case of putting displays in the grounds but lots of planning a head..which started last year. we have had to have council visits and put in reports etc and of course keep to the conditions that they put in place. so lots more to it then you may think. But after a very busy week or two the weekend went very well , we had a few people who didnt turn up ,who had booked in ( it would have been nice for them to let us know? so we could alot their space to others ..) but apart from that all went well. even the weather was kind, the forecast wasnt good but it turned out fine for us .

we had postive feedback and lovely comments ,we would of course like to thank everyone who helped or came along , you all made it a very successful weekend ...